Painful ,Anal, Arab ,Sex, From, Syria,arabo porno,anal,arabic

Painful Anal Arab Sex From Syria

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Added On: May-10-2013

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Tags: Painful ,Anal, Arab ,Sex, From, Syria,arabo porno,anal,arabic,

Duration: 09:27

Description: Holy crap… This guy is crazy about anal sex and really pounds the girl’s asshole in this 9 minutes long Arabic sex video. He didn’t even give the poor girl enough time to undress as he just pulls down her clothes and fucks her like a maniac from behind while she is on her hands and knees only stopping every now and then when she moans in pain. Then he lays her on her her back, puts her legs up and penetrates her… … tight asshole with his hard dick. We get a really good zoomed view of her Arabian ass hole swallowing the whole shaft and although she keeps complaining about the pain, the guy just keeps going faster and faster. At some point when he is close to the end, he just drops the camera on the bed and forgets about it and puts all his energy in the fucking until he cums inside her (and who can blame him? :roll: ) I think this babe didn’t expect to get the most painful anal Arab sex action of her life when all this started This couple is supposed to be engaged and from Syria


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